Why Buy a Smartwatch?

More and more people are beginning to accept that technology is absolutely necessary for efficiency. Smartwatches are becoming part of this efficiency and are on everyone’s wrists. Wherever there are people who want, and need, a constant connect, there will be smartwatches. These smartwatches, with their clever applications, network capabilities and alerts are creating a generation who are starting a technological cultural revolution. Millions of people rely on their smartwatches to provide information to aid them in maintaining an informative, healthy and organized lifestyle.

Types of Smartwatches:what-newsrooms-need-to-know-about-smartwatches-4-638

Although smartwatches are fairly new to the market, there are a variety of smartwatches to select from. There are smartwatches that are fitness oriented and smartwatches that are extensions of an individual’s smartwatches. Deciding which type of smartwatch is the best value for a person depends on how he/she will be using the device.

There are three types of smartwatches being sold at the present time; presently, the smartwatches consist of the extension, the standalone, and the classic smartwatch. The “extension” smartwatch requires an extended phone and will receive notifications and provide alerts. The “standalone” smartwatch does not require an extended phone and has constant wireless interaction. A “classic” smartwatch is a basic analog based watch that provides notifications and alerts and does need an extended phone to work.

Best of Smartwatches:

Tomsguide.com recently did a “best pick” from the current selection and rated the following at the top three at the present time.


Apple watch is considered the best smartwatch because it offers a wide range of options. Apple offers their smartwatch in two sizes with interchangeable wristbands. The owner of this smartwatch has the ability to talk with Siri, pay bills, and check their heart rate. It is IOS compatible and the screen measures 1.32 inches, 272 X 340 color, touch screen. The battery life is approximately 18 hours.


Pebble Time Steel is considered the best watch for the cost. Pebble offers a long lasting battery that is durable for 10 days. Timeline interface and an easy to read the screen in the sunlight. Customers have access to 6,000 applications and watch faces. It is also water-resistant. It is IOS and Android compatible and the screen measures 1.26 inches, 144 X 168 gray scale.The battery life is approximately 7 days.


Moto 360 is the best Android watch. This Android offers the consumer the chance to design the style of the watch before purchasing it. Customers have choices of colors for their Moto 360 smartwatch and may pair the color with either a leather band or metal chain link wrap. The screen measures 1.37/1.57 inches, 360 X 260 color, touch screen. The battery life is approximately 1-1/12 days.

The technology of the smartwatch delivers exquisite quality with style. Smartwatches are simple to use and utterly effortless. These devices provide a variety of people with instantaneous information and exceptional organization. Last minute details are never a problem for the owners of a smartwatch. Own a smartwatch and stay connected globally at any time of the day or night.

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