What Makes a Good Smartwatch


For those who might not be aware, Smartwatches can be used to keep more than just time. These ingenious contrivances can be used as companions for your Smartphone and can deliver notifications, alerts, and applications and much more in the comfort of your wrist. More so, Smartwatches can also be used as physical activity trackers for your health regime. However, to be able to access all the functionalities, the ideal smartwatch should be able to connect via wireless or perhaps Bluetooth and be within the range of the given handheld devices. Some Smartwatches also come with LTE and 3G capability and can operate without the need for connections to another device.

What makes a good smartwatch?

Quality Operating System

It is important to understand that these Smartwatches require for synchronization to the Smartphone to be able to deliver notifications, alerts, and messages. More so types of these watches come with a unique operating system that only works with a particular kind of device brand. In some cases, the smartwatch might be compatible with a broad spectrum of operating systems. Since Smartwatches are designed to synchronize with your Smartphone, it is imperative that you ensure it is compatible with your phones operating system. When evaluating the watch OS, there are some things to consider beyond simple compatibility. In most cases, only apps that have approval from Apple can be released for Apple use. On the other hand, Android OS is regarded as an open source platform that allows for the creation of countless applications.

Display and aesthetic appeal

Choosing a watch that is comfortable on your wrist every day has its inherent benefits. For this reason, ensure that you evaluate for things such as the watchband design that are available in a host of designs and styles that can be customized for optimal comfort. You could also evaluate the display features that primarily include LCD, AMOLED and OLED as well. According to verizonwireless.com, black and white screens on the hand are known to be efficient in battery and can between charges that conventional color displays. If you are using your unit outdoors for activities such as biking and running, you may want to consider a smartwatch that is water-resistant. Some Smartwatches are controllable by using a rotating bezel display that allows users to navigate system menus and apps.


More importantly, these types of watches can be used to show a variety of notifications such as missed calls, incoming calls, social media posts, and e-mails as well. Furthermore, many watches fully customizable thus allowing users to select the notifications they can receive, the background picture, whats shown on the home screen along with widgets and more. Some devices will just alert users when a notification comes in with a vibration, beep or even an icon while other can even display the entire notifications.

Auxiliary features

Some additional features are also available that vary in many different devices, so you might to choose one that with the most beneficial features for your needs. Some of them include voice control, activity trackers, GPS, music and link alarms as well.

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