Review of The Fitbit Blaze

The Fitbit Blaze Review

Fitbit has recently become a common household name as Pertains fitness trackers and Wearables at large. Coming in affordable prices, it happens to be one of the earliest exercise trackers to make arrival in the market. Since then, the company has been making consistent releases of greatly appreciated gadgets.

The fitness wearable is able to offer familiar tracking together with more sophisticated fitness features. By these, Fitbit has high hopes of appealing to most weekend runners and body builders. The Blaze has been portrayed as the fitness fan’s best friend for gym and home boardroom tracking. Can it be the right fitness device for you? Maybe we can find out.


The Fitbit happens to be the newest in the fitness trackers line and a bit different from other wearables. The Blaze color screen looks much more pleasant and attractive than the Surge, and with regards to functionality, it seems to allow a larger space for the user to do more.

Nevertheless, it is simpler than a smartwatch. The user can swipe to navigate through the menu or even dismiss some notifications, workout selection and the use of a music application. The blaze has a button on the left side serving as a home and back command key. There are two more on the right that can apply as volume controls for music.
The fitness tracker also has at the right-side buttons in place to allow another method for the selection of exercise options just in case one has wet or gloved hands and are not able to activate action on the touchscreen. Having bunches of various Android Wear and Apple smartwatch bands available in the market; it is no surprise that Fitbit has been designed to offer a unique selection of frames and bands.

The Fitbit’s watch body can easily be popped out and another band mounted on it with ease. It’s quite a flat wearable and fits in pretty nice. It is quite light and has a much thinner appearance than other trackers and Smartwatches. The hexagonal shape of the Blaze is polarizing for many but is certainly different making the design feel somehow old school and obsolete.

Fitbit: ApplicationFitbit-app

There are no big noticeable changes at this point since the Blaze uses the same application as the rest of the Fitbit gadgets. it is simple, has a good lay out and is easy to use at any time.
Every day is well presented on the main screen and tapping the metric would enable you get a broader look at performance. For instance, tapping on the days sleep score enables a user to take a look at sleep as time goes by as filtered by day, week or even month. By tapping the heart rate score, it gives a more effective analysis since it is able to show ones resting heart rate over sometime. If for instance given three months, it shows a good downward curve as fitness gets to the better.

The Fitbit application is one strong point of the Blaze. It is easy to use and very clear offering enough data, and unlike other fitness trackers, the connection between the smartphone and the watch is well harmonized and happens easily without any connectivity issues.


The blaze has elegant themes with smart notifications. It has the ability to show incoming calls and SMS but shows nothing from third parties. Fitbit is looking forward to simplifying the buzzes on the wrist, which might be okay, but I feel it is up to the wearer to choose from among the services they prefer using.

Battery lifesimple.b-cssdisabled-jpg.h09afd600cd8ab37981e79d4d1412af96

The five day battery life is one thing that makes the Fitbit Blaze band standout that. Fitbit claims that the battery is able to last a week or so including days and nights, without having to plug in a charger. However, depending on the usage, it comes out a bit lesser than claimed. But on average usage, then a five days promise would be pleasant.


  • It has a five-day battery life.
  • It comes in a lower price than the Apple Watch.
  • It is fitness and exercise oriented.
  • Has a weightlifting and exercise tracking.
  • Sleep tracker.
  • Silent alarm.


  • It is not waterproof.
  • Lacks extra advanced features.


  •  All day activity and sleep tracker.
  •  Music control.
  •  Calendar, call and text notifications.
  •  Accessory bands and frames.
  •  On screen workouts.
  •  Color display.
  • Connected GPS.
  •  Strong Battery.


Q: What is cheaper between the Blaze and an Apple watch?
A: The Apple watch is a bit expensive as compared to the Fitbit blaze.

Q: Am worried about the battery life of the Fitbit blaze. How long can it last after charging?
A: Well, This depends on the usage frequency but it can last up to a maximum of five to seven days.
Q: How easy can I change the straps of the Fitbit Blaze?
A: The straps can be easily changed to the users preference.


In conclusion, the blaze does not offer much as to bring in a wow-factor. Still underway are some updates to happen in the coming days that will be able to give more value to its workout options or peradventure even come in with more apps. In the present moment, it’s a just a fancy fitness tracker that is slightly a peg above some others as far as quality is concerned. Far from that, it is very difficult to classify the Blaze on a scale of wearables since it has tracking abilities that aren’t as advanced as is the case for other fitness devices. Its smartwatch features are also not as pleasant as for Android Wear or Apple Watches. Yet, it can be counted on for tracking and I would love to have it for my tracking ideals.

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