Best Smartwatch/Fitness Tracker Combination

Finding a smart watch that integrates the convenience of wearable technology and fitness, is a task that is highly sought after by consumers today. Smart watch users who work out, go running, play sports, and lead active lifestyles are on the hunt for the best watches that help them maintain and keep track of their fitness on a daily basis. To accomplish this, a smart watch must have certain features that are both user friendly and high tech.
Since most fitness trackers are not smart watches per se, it is important to find smart watches that utilize plenty of fitness tracking technology as well as keeping an eye on current releases that combine the two.Listed below are some of the best fitness tracker/smart watch combinations on the market today.

1. Fitbit Surgesimple.b-cssdisabled-jpg.he7e3d62b9647d6a3212af7d2a3e47e23

The Fitbit line is well-known among hardcore users and everyday activity trackers alike. Fitbit’s’ line of wearable technology has received high praise by users due to the lower prices that make them less expensive than smart watches, and superior fitness and activity tracking technology.
The Fitbit Surge is one such smart watch. The Surge is the number one top selling GPS watch in the United States, and is favored by users seeking some conveniences of a smart watch, while focusing on a depth of fitness features they need to track and maintain exercises, working out, daily motion, and even tracking sleep patterns.
The Surge by Fitbit starts at a price of $249.95, which is less than most smart watches, but not the least expensive among the Fitbit line. The breadth of technology included in this model makes it an ideal choice for sports enthusiasts, fitness buffs, and those with active lifestyles.
Included are the following technical specifications of the Surge:

  • GPS Tracking: So you may visually view distance, your pace, and elevation ran or climbed. You can also review your routes.
  • PurePulse Heart Rate: Automatic and continuous heart rate that are wrist-based for easy viewing.
  • SmartTrack + Multi Sport: Users can track their runs and workouts with different modes, or automatically record them via SmartTrack.
  • All-Day Activity: This feature tracks the users steps, calories burned, distance, floors climbed, and minutes that they were active throughout the day.
  • Notifications and Music: Akin to smart watches, the user can view text and call notifications on the watch display, as well as control songs from a playlist.
  • Wireless Syncing: Similar to smart watches, this feature allows the user to sync their stats automatically and wirelessly to their smartphones and computers.
  • Auto Sleep + Alarms: Many fitness and sports enthusiasts wish to track their sleep as well as their daily fitness. With this feature, users can monitor their sleep and heart rate automatically as well as set a silent alarm.
  • Battery Life: With a better battery life than typical smart watches, the Surge lasts up to 7 days on a charge and a GPS battery life up to 10 hours.The Surge is affordable and features live tracking of heart rate and a plethora of fitness tracking data. This will allow the user to maximize their training, monitor their activities and sleep, maintain their intensity of workout, as well as enjoying music, notifications, and syncing as one does with the mainstream smart watches on the current market.

2. Samsung Gear S2samsung-gear-s2-press-169

The Samsung Gear S2 is one of the more popular smart watches on the mainstream market, which utilizes all of the technology and features that wearable technology users enjoy, as well as fitness tracking technology that active users love.
With S Health, users can track their daily fitness and activity levels, including intake of water, heart rate, steps taken and miles walked, and more. The Gear S2 also includes Nike+ Running, which is an application that tracks the users activities and helps them reach their fitness goals.
The Gear S2 by Samsung includes the following technical specifications

  • ┬áSensors:o Accelerometero Gyroscopeo Heart Rate Monitoro Pedometero Barometero Ambient Lighto GPS (3G)
  • Notifications including:o Live Heart Rate Monitoro Pedometero Text, Email, Calls, Alarms
  • Special Features including: Water intake, Caffeine intake, Miles walked, Steps taken, and even Motivational messages to keep you going.
  • Wireless Syncing
  • Users can listen to music, make phone calls, receive and send text messages, and more while on the go.
  • Battery: 300mAh• Wireless ChargingThe Samsung Gear S2 starts at the same price as the Fitbit Surge, at $249.99, with options to personalize and customize. This smart watch is loved by techies and smart watch users for its versatility as a full-fledged smart watch and fitness/activity tracker.

3. Fitbit Blazefitbit-blaze-658x370

The Fitbit Blaze is the newest technology by Fitbit, and is being released now. At a less expensive cost than most other smart watches and fitness-based wearable technology, the Fitbit Blaze starts at only $199.99.The Blaze is Fitbit’s first attempt at making an everyday smart watch. It is intended to be an ideal split between a smart watch and fitness tracker.

While this model is brand new, being on the market for only a couple of weeks, the reviews have been somewhat split on Fitbit’s first attempt at a more half-and-half fitness/mainstream smart watch.

Similar other Fitbit products, the Blaze includes the following technology and features

  • Tracking steps taken, miles traveled, calories burned, minutes active during the day
  • Heart Rate Sensor• Sleep Monitoring and Silent Alarm
  • Tracking of exercises and travel, such as flights of steps taken up/down stairs
  • Syncing with Fitbit smartphone application
  • Enable Connected GPS to map routes and view run statistics on watch display when smartphone is nearby
  • Play, pause, and switch songs on mobile playlist• SmartTrack: Automatically record workouts to dashboard
  • PurePulse: Allows for continuous, wrist-based monitoring of heart rate
  • Multi Sport tracking: Track your cardio progress, running/jogging, biking, walking, cross-training, and more
  • FitStar: Workout feature that offers step-by-step instructions to ensure you complete each movement correctly
  • Receive workout summaries to track progress
  • Wireless syncing of stats to your computer (automatic)
  • Notifications: Call, Text, Calendar, Alarm

Some issues were brought up, which is not surprising considering that this is a first real attempt at a smart watch by Fitbit. For example, the design is so-so, with some people saying that it is attractive, while other stating that it is not their style.
The Blaze does not have an always-on screen, which may save battery power, but makes it inconvenient at times when wanting to take a quick glance at ones heart rate or progress when exercising.There are plenty of positive aspects of this smart watch as well. The Blaze records what they call “active exercise; when the watch senses you’re working out hard over 10 minutes so that you can get a better and more accurate accounting of your workout statistics;rather than giving the user a total of steps and not commenting on the quality of the workout, this feature counts quality of workout.
Also included is a stand-alone, built-in GPS that will record your progress;once you connect back to your smartphone, you can then sync and track your runs. The technology in this model that is also found in Fitbit’s other popular models, make half of the battle effortless for the Fitbit Blaze.
While there are some aspects that can use work based on user feedback, but overall, considering how new the Blaze is and what it was designed to accomplished, it may be the best smart watch/fitness tracker combination for Fitbit lovers who are familiar with and prefer the technology.


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