Best Fitness Trackers 2016

The market is filled with so many good fitness trackers making it much difficult to choose the one that is leading. It’s no more just Jawbone v Fitbit. Your perfect fitness activity tracker will depend on your personal needs; if its step counting, tracking your heart rate 24/7, or sleep tracking. There is something for any need anyone could have.

Best smartwatch summary

The latest bands have the recent technology and sensors further blurring the lines. Starting with the constant heart rate monitoring such as the technology on the Fitbit charge HR to smartwatch style notifications, the device offers overwhelming features for your efficiency and pleasure..
We’ve have come up with a roundup of a fitness tracker that is not only good, but is outstanding in performance and we also added a simplified feature list in an effort to make it more convenient for you to pick the right band.

Garmin Vivoactive HRvivoactive-hr-2

The Garmin Vivoactive which surprisingly was an unexpected hit last year, is currently this GPS-packing sporty smartwatch has come back with a more sleek design, elevation tracker with a barometric altimeter, as well as a similar heart rate monitor technology which is inclusive in the Vivosmart HR and Forerunner 235 running watch. It is currently going for $249 in Amazon.

Fitbit Altafitbit-alta

The Alta which was launched recently, is a very basic tracker the focus here is on style and customization. active, sleep and steps are the normal, the heart rate information that feeds the more up-to-date data of the highly powerful Fitbits is however not accessible. These go for &129. Misfit Ray Misfit Ray, like the Alta, is expected to be launched in spring of 2016 and its mainly about the fresh, modular design.

Fitbit Alta which is a polished tubular tracker measures steps and sleep and supports pairing with many similarly stylish accessories. This the first gadget launched since Fossil bought Misfit, therefore big things are expected.

Fitbit BlazeBN-MP773_0216ST_H_20160216101647

The Fitbit Blaze is the most attractive fitness tracker the company has by a long shot, even though it’s not bringing anything that’s radically new to the table, its evident that Fitbit still has the edge in good fitness tracker production. The new color display is an improvement from the monochrome issue of the Surge, beginners can navigate the software easily and it’s still good at giving all-round activity tracking statistics. However, the absence of GPS will likely disappoint hardcore fitness lovers or a heart rate monitoring system that’s designed for demanding training. However, if you need something that does everything that a high performance fitness tracker should do, it’s deserving of the top spot. It has sleep monitoring, step tracking and 24/7 heart rate monitoring.

The Fitbit Blaze comes with either a blue, black or plum strap in small, medium or large sizes. Prices for additional bands, there’s a Luxe Collection with metal links and steel frame going for $129.95, the Luxe collection with a steel frame and leather band is $99.95.The classic band is likewise available in three different colors for $29.95.

Smartwatch vs. Fitness TrackerCroppedImage630260-fitness-tracker-vs-smartwatch

A few fitness trackers have same functionality of a smartwatch, and some smartwatches have fitness features, also. However, a smartwatch is not similar to a fitness tracker, therefore ensure you know the device that you want. A fitness tracker will have fitness emphasized. A crucial question to answer before choosing a fitness tracker is the form factor type you want. Fitness trackers are typically bracelets, watches, or clip-ons. Watches and bracelets are not easily lost, clip-ons get thrown into the wash or could fall off

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