Apple Watch Review


Apple is undoubtedly a game changer. Once again, they are trying to change the game of time-technology with their product, “Apple Watch”. This is one product of theirs that everybody finds fascinating. In this article, you would learn the pros and cons of the watch, and then ask yourself if it really suits your need.
So, let us start with the brighter side .

 The Pros.Apple-Watch-pros-and-cons

1. Slim design

Apple has always considered sleek look for most of their products. Apple watch is no exception. The corners are round and it looks very aesthetic. This comes with straps that can be swapped. It has Retina display, which is more efficient than other smart watches in the market. That is accompanied with a little knob on the side which helps users to scroll/zoom without hindering the screen.

2. Tough build

The watch glass is scratch resistant, which is of Ion-X. Another edition has sapphire crystal display, which is even more powerful when we talk about scratch resistance. You can be sure that this product is going to last long.

3. Functionalitiestopic-apple-watch-all

The watch comes with very interesting and practical apps. Games are a cherry on the cake. You can send and receive SMSes and also listen to music with Bluetooth headphones.

4. Calling

Just when you pair this watch with your iPhone 5/6, this watch will allow you to make and receive calls. By default, it uses the speakers. You can live out your crazy fantasies by calling from your wrist!

5. NotificationsAppleWatchSport-640x359

All your mobile alerts, on your wrist! A whole new level of convenience!

6. Biometrics

Yes, a very important feature – this watch keeps in account your biometric details.

7. Your assistant on your wrist

You guessed it right. Siri is available on this watch.

But wait. Having seen these powerful features, lets also take a birds eye view on


The Cons.11327039_839100832851414_538046009_n

1. Cost

The cost starts from 349$. Apple offers 5 colors options. If you want to go even further, the watch which is priced for $549, will have rust proof steel with rubber straps. If you are gold-savvy, you can go for $10k or a $17k watch which would have 18k gold on it.

2. Battery

The watch can be charged up to 18 hours (very less as compared than Apple counterparts). Like all other gadgets, it solely depends on the usage. Furthermore, it charges slowly as compared to Apple products.

3. iPhone specificationmix-your-watch-hermes-rose-gold-post

You can’t have an iPhone version below 5 paired to this watch. This can only be paired with iPhone 5/6. If the user if not in Bluetooth range of their phone which is approx 30 feet, the watch doesn’t work.

4. Confidentiality

If you are not attentative, your iPhone alerts will be visible to all. You need to tighten up privacy.

5. Water Resistancecatalyst-watch-primary-100612388-large

Unfortunately, the answer is No. Apple watches are only splash proof.But you can get water proof cover.

6. Snooze tracing

You can’t wear it while it’s charging at night.

7. Digital Dial

This might be a bit of a work for those who have never operated before. Yes, we are referring to the side dial on the watch.

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